Who can use Stretch?

Everyone in your family:  parents, children, babysitters, others who help out.

We encourage parents to get children involved with Stretch.  Children can see the family schedule, can create and check off lists, can add photos, and even see how much money is in their savings account.

Unlike most family apps Stretch has strong privacy settings.  Each item added to Stretch can be shared with specific people in the family, and extended family.  So if parents are adding sensitive information, turn off your children's rights to see that information.

A new Stretch family account can be created by anyone 13 years old or older. Users can be in multiple families (for example children of divorced families). We do allow children under 13 to use Stretch and have their own account with the consent of a parent or guardian (we follow the COPPA guidelines).

So far the typical Stretch family has 5 family members of all different configurations (there are lots of pets, for example).

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