What's the History and Story of Stretch?

Stretch was founded in Aug 2013 by CEO Darren Reid, an Internet entrepreneur with 25 years of experience building enterprise software-as-a-service startups (SaaS), and Chairman Mark Booth, a media and aviation executive, formerly CEO of NetJets Europe and founding CEO of MTV Europe.

Darren wrote the original 10-page outline for Stretch on a flight from New York to LA in 2000. Like every nervous flyer, especially nervous new parents, Darren started writing down everything he wished he'd organized digitally for his wife and daughter but didn't really have any sane way to do it, including accounts, contacts, documents, photos, stories, among many other things. After he landed he started planning and shaping the product idea. After building and selling a few startups and asking a few thousands family people how they thought about family content he decided to build Stretch and make a career out of it.

Since then many things have changed: social media, mobile, cloud storage, on-demand everything, open-source technologies, and increasingly everything becoming digitized. But families still have the same fundamental need for a comprehensive app that provides security, storage, and a way to share content about our lives with other family members or relatives. That's why Stretch exists. It's not just a family calendar or a to-do list or a place to put baby photos (although lots of people do!). It's an all-in-one app for digital families to keep things together, forever.

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