Main Features

Stretch is a set of ten integrated features designed specifically for families, plus realtime chat, and a Stream, for allowing you to keep in sync.


The stream, like most "feeds" in social media, is where new content is shown.  The most recently-added content is at the top.  Swipe down to see more content.


Chat shows all conversations throughout the app, across all content types.  It's a realtime chat system that allows you to respond to content and other messages so you can keep the conversation going in the right context.


Photos are created using the "Post" feature.  You can add 1-6 photos at a time, plus add a caption.  Posts also allow you to add website URLs (with captions), for a convenient way to share and store website links.


Stretch's calendar is a privacy-centric calendar that allows you to create events, decide who can see each event, and have a chat about the events.  Other features include the ability to be reminded on both sides of an event, the drop off, and the pick up!  Nobody is happy if you're late to pick up, right?


Securely share family contacts, from the family doctor, the lawn service, your favorite restaurants.  In addition, keep online accounts in Stretch, like the Netflix username and password, which is encrypted and only specific people in the family can see it.  This is beloved by everyone with a hundred different shared online accounts like school portals, health portals, the HBO account, and much more.


Need to capture what happened at the doctor for little Kimmy?  Link the note to the health event and always keep a record of it.  Shared notes are easy to use and powerful.


Ever tried to coordinate who buys what over the holidays?  Invite your family and extended family and assign who buys what for the kids and others!  Lists are a great tool for capturing what needs to get done in the family too.


Difficult to get everyone in sync with Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and whatever else might be used?  Upload important files to Stretch and instantly share what needs to be shared with the right family members.


Tired of keeping old emails for your house, car, and that TV that always seems to go on the fritz?  Add your important assets here, attach receipts, insurance info, important contacts.  One of the most beloved and unique features of Stretch.


Link financial accounts you have credentials for so you can collaborate with you family about what you're spending and what you're saving.  Real time chat allows you to tap on a transaction and ask questions.  Organize transactions by family member, topic, or type -- finally get answers that make sense to your family.

Health (coming soon)

Keep track of medications, allergies, and health metrics all in one convenient place.  Link all the health-related information to the right family member, and always have the answers you need instantly.


A great way to keep track of insurance for your house, car, life, health, and all the gadgets you buy (like your iPhone and Android phones).  Link the insurance policy to the asset.  Get reminders when the policy is about to expire.  It's another unique and beloved Stretch feature, used by the whole family.



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